Rhinoplasty or nose job is the name of the surgery used to aesthetically improve the features of the nose. It is regarded as one of the more difficult cosmetic surgeries. It is important that the operating surgeon be well trained. With good planning and technique, pleasing results can be attained in nearly all cases.

At The Venkat Center, Dr. Aniketh takes complete care of you. He is one of the most highly trained rhinoplasty surgeons. He has trained in all aspects of rhinoplasty from several surgeons in Istanbul, the global hub of rhinoplasty surgery.

What is rhinoplasty? Can I change the shape of my nose?
Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, beard hair transplant- Patient experience at the Venkat center

What’s special in The Venkat Center

Dr. Aniketh will guide you through every step of the procedure. During the consultation, your nose will be evaluated by Dr. Aniketh both cosmetically and functionally and compared to established ideals. You will also be asked about your goals and expectations. Other aspects of your face will also be evaluated for overall facial harmony. Numerous measurements and values are taken to provide a complete evaluation of your face.

A customized plan will be made to suit your nose. This will be simulated on your photographs on a computer. The simulation provides an idea of what the goals of the surgery are.

Once the plan is agreed on by both Dr. Aniketh and you, we move onto the next phase that includes regular tests to evaluate your fitness for the surgery.

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