Here are some of the recent patient experiences from The Venkat Center

“Coming down to Venkat Charmalaya for rhinoplasty all the way from Indore was the best decision I have ever taken. Got every bit of support right from online consultation to post surgery. A very caring team. Thank you Dr. Aniketh for all your support. Very satisfied and happy with the results”.
Roneet, Indore

A patient from Afghanistan

This is the story of a patient who came to us from Afghanistan for his rhinoplasty. He also underwent fat grafting for his chin and upper lip.

One month post recovery

These results are from a patient post 1 month of recovery. The shape has come out well and the patient is very happy with the results.

A patient with breathing problems

“Hi, this is Jagadeesh, working as a software engineer in Accenture. Firstly I want to thank Dr. Aniketh Venkataram and his team for this wonderful job. I wanted to share my experience with rhinoplasty surgery with others.
Since my childhood I have had breathing issues. At the age of 3, I had a fall and since then I had chronic nose bleeding and blockage. I used to breathe only from my mouth. I visited around 10 clinics, all of them said ‘your nose is deviated you need septo-rhinoplasty’.
At the age of 23, I decided to go ahead with Rhinoplasty. I searched for the best rhinoplasty centers in Bangalore, and I found ‘Venkat Charmalaya’ at the top. Before my visit, I studied about Dr. Aniketh Sir, and saw he had done specialisation in Rhinoplasty in Istanbul. I sent my photos by email, and he sent me back my simulations the same day.
During my first visit and during checkup he clearly explained this was a functional problem which had to be corrected, and guided me to undergo a CT scan, after which he explained to me clearly step by step what my issues were and how to resolve it. The way he patiently explained and paid attention to evaluating me properly rather than pushing me to surgery, is what convinced me to undergo rhinoplasty with him.
After the surgery I feel I have visited the best doctor and all me breathing problems are resolved and my nose looks better.
Once again thank you to Dr. Aniketh Sir and his wonderful team members”.

Jagadeesh, Bengaluru

A patient with larger than normal nose

“I am Raju Singh from New Jalpaiguri. I had a larger than normal nose which was bothering me. My nostrils were also large. So, I decided to go for plastic surgery to sharpen my nose. I chose Bangalore as I heard that best plastic surgeons in the country were present here. I was travelling to Bangalore by train to visit another hospital. To my luck, I met another doctor on the train, and I asked him to suggest the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore. He advised me to visit Dr. Aniketh Venkataram. After reaching Bangalore, I visited Venkat Center and met Dr. Aniketh.
Dr. Aniketh analysed my nose and gave me a very good understanding of what was needed to be done, and more importantly what shouldn’t be. I researched about him and realised that he had practiced in USA, Belgium and Istanbul before. After a couple of days, I got my rhinoplasty done.
Post-surgery, my nose is sharper, and my nostrils are smaller, just as I wanted. The result was unbelievable, beyond my expectations. Today I look smarter and feel more confident and I thank Dr. Aniketh Venkataram for performing the procedure so perfectly. My family back home was shocked that the surgeon who performed my surgery so perfectly was so young! Thank you very much Sir and I will always remember you for my entire life”.

-Raju Singh, New Jalpaiguri

Tumescent liposuction under local anaesthesia

This middle aged male came to us for reshaping his abdomen region. Large amounts of fat deposits can be seen before the procedure in the abdomen. We set a course for powered liposuction. Powered liposuction was performed under tumescent local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia improves safety and symmetry of liposuction. It allows the patient to stand up and we were able to observe changes in the outward appearance.

Liposuction and ab etching (6 pack) under local anaesthesia

Young gentlemen wanted liposuction of his abdomen, and also some ab etching to highlight big 6 pack. It is important to do the etching such that the underlying muscles are seen. Fake abs should not be created from the fat itself as this doesn’t look good in the long run and feels unnatural. The idea is to show the strong abs underneath.

Dimple Creation Surgery – A patient experience

This 23 year old lady wanted dimples on her face. After consultation, and approval, the procedure was done under local anaesthesia, as a day care procedure. Initially the dimples are seen at rest but they gradually fade and are then seen only when smiling.

Brazilian Butt Lift – A patient Experience

This patient came to us for a Buttock augmentation procedure. The procedure with fat grafting was performed under local anaesthesia. The patient was very satisfied with the results.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

This patient came to us to fight his signs of ageing. His volume loss was improved with fat grafting, sagging with threads, and wrinkles with Botox and some fat. Here we see him 2 days after procedure. The Botox takes a few days to take effect.


“As I was losing fat in my cheek area, because of my heavy workouts, I decided to consult a plastic surgeon. I was browsing and found Dr.Aniketh. I met him and he recommended a session fat grafting for my face. I went through with it and it was very comfortable. I am really happy with the treatment and it was a wonderful experience. The result is 100% and I am really happy. It is my pleasure to thank Dr.Aniketh for it”.


The counseling and treatment was excellent. Proper information was provided. I underwent sclerotherapy, which was very comfortable and effective. Dr. Aniketh is excellent and his staff, clinic are very well managed.

-Meera Rao

Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, beard hair transplant- Patient experience at the Venkat center
Double chin liposuction, fat grafting and blepharoplasty at the Venkat Center