Fat grafting for facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation via fat grafting is a revolutionary new way to restore the youthful appearance of the face by sculpting it into the desired shape. During the aging process, there is a loss of volume as well as a change in the character of skin.

What happens to the face when you age?

This volume is lost from several areas of the face leading to the following:

Along with this, the skin also loses its elasticity and normal character. Also, facial deformities can be caused by any disease, burns or scarring.

Fat grafting is a simple procedure to restore the volume and as a result, the youthful look of the face. Along with this, stem cells can be processed from fat and utilized to rejuvenate the aged or scarred skin.

Who is a good candidate for facial rejuvenation?

Good candidates are usually young adults above 18 (though good results can be attained in older age groups). It is best if the candidate has a clear idea of what they are looking for with realistic expectations and positive goals.

In what areas of the face can fat grafting be used?

  • Forehead
  • Upper eyelid area
  • Undereye (dark circles)
  • Cheek area
  • Temples
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Chin
  • Lips

Can fat be used for wrinkles?

Yes, fat can also be injected into deep wrinkles.

Can fat grafting help for scars?

Fat grafting can be used to correct deformities and improve scars caused by

  • Burns
  • Acne
  • Trauma
  • Diseases
  • Stretch marks

How is fat grafting done?

Your own body fat from the abdomen or thighs is harvested by simple suction (called liposuction) through a syringe or machine under local anesthesia. It is then processed into small droplets and stem cells. The processed fat is then injected into the desired areas of the face once again under local anesthesia.

fat grafting for facial rejuvenation
Figure 1. Fat Harvesting
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Figure 2. Fat Injection

How does it work?

It works in two ways;

  • As the fat is your own body tissue, it gets accepted (there is no rejection), develops its blood supply and lasts for a long period. The fat cells survive and keep their volume as new blood supply grows into them.
  • Fat is rich in stem cells, and we process the fat to yield Nanofat that is rich with stem cells. This is injected directly into the skin. The stem cells stimulate other cells in the skin resulting in increased collagen and subsequently, younger-looking skin.

Where are my fat cells collected from?

Your cosmetic surgeon will collect fat cells from areas which have plenty of fat such as the thigh and abdomen.

How much fat do I need?

Fat grafting in the face doesn’t require large volumes- usually about 10-30 ml. Every person, even slender people usually have enough fat for this purpose.

What does the procedure involve?

It is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia. The surgery lasts for an hour and you can go home that same day. You can perform all your usual tasks from the next day onwards.

Is it painful?

Once the local anesthesia is administered through a single needle prick, it is painless.

Are there sutures or scars?

The grafting is done through tiny needles, so no sutures are used on the face and there are no scars.

How long will the results of fat grafting last?

The fat grafts that “take” become a permanent part of your facial soft tissues and hence lasts for a long time, including up to 10 years. However, it is subject to natural factors such as weight changes and continued aging, like the fat tissue that is naturally present.

What is the advantage of fat over fillers?

  • It is your own body tissue.
  • It lasts much longer (10 years) while fillers only last up to a year.
  • More volume can be gained compared to fillers.
  • It is cheaper in comparison to fillers. Also, fillers require repeated payments since they have to repeat every year.
  • The results are natural and softer.


Dr Aniketh

Is there a chance of infection?

The procedure is performed in the sterile environment of an Operation Theatre. Moreover, the fat that we harvest is processed without exposing it to air. So, the chance of infection is minimal.

Post procedure recovery

  • You will be sent home the same day
  • There will be some swelling which will last an average of 5 days
  • Some patients have mild bruising which can last up to a week, which is well concealed by makeup

Know Your Surgeon

Dr. Aniketh has been trained in fat grafting and nano fat by the Fathers of this technique, Dr. Verpale and Dr. Tonnard in Ghent, Belgium as part of the fellowship by the Dutch Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

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Updated on 12 April 2019