Dr. Aniketh Speaking on Rhinoplasty at COSDERM India 2018

Dr. Aniketh was recently invited to the 22nd annual COSDERM India 2018 to share his expertise on Rhinoplasty. He provided an overview of rhinoplasty to benefit many dermatologists on the surgical aspects of Rhinoplasty.

Here is a sneak peek from his talk on the topic.

About Dr. Aniketh:

Dr. Aniketh is the plastic consultation expert at The Venkat Center. Having graduated from St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, with a Gold Medal, Dr. Aniketh went abroad on multiple fellowships to learn from the best in cosmetic surgery in places like Belgium, Dubai, Istanbul, USA.

He has published 12 journal articles and 8 textbook chapters with numerous paper and poster presentations. He was also awarded the Best Paper award at the APSI National Conference in 2015. He has a special interest in Hair Transplantation, and co-edited a textbook on the same, as well as designed new instruments. Dr. Aniketh is also specialised in management of varicose veins and has done a dissertation on sclerotherapy.

He has been called upon to share his expertise at various conference worldwide. He shared his experience on Rhinoplasty at COSDERM India 2018 with aesthetic surgeons present at COSDERM 2018. He also talked about how it is becoming more common and why people are opting for it. The talk was focused on the covering the basics and highlighting the differences between surgical and non-surgical procedures.