Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): Buttock Augmentation with fat grafting

In modern times the importance of the shape and appearance of the buttock has greatly increased. Buttock augmentation with fat grafting or Brazilian butt lift is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries worldwide. However it is important to know all aspects of this procedure to stay safe.

There are four basic shapes of buttock

  1. A shaped – Narrow upper part of buttock and wider lower part
  2. V shaped buttock – Wider upper part and narrow lower part of buttocks
  3. Square shaped – Wider upper and lower part and a narrow mid-part
  4. Round shaped

A – shape tends to be the most attractive and desired buttock shape and it occurs in about 30% of the population.

Round shape globally is second most popular shape of buttock, but in modern days and mostly in the Central Asia, Latin America, round shape is the most sort after shape for all women.

How do you improve buttock shape?

Previously the only way to increase the size of the buttock was with implants. However these were associated with numerous side effects. With the advent of fat transfer however, this has become a safe and effective surgery.

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgical procedure, (also referred to as a “BBL”, “butt enhancement”, or “butt augmentation”) is a procedure that involves the transfer of fat from one or more areas of the body into the butt cheeks and the hip region. In the butt lift procedure, the fat is harvested through liposuction and is then injected in the desired area.

This body enhancing procedure is designed to lift the buttocks, add volume and projection to the buttock, and enhance the overall shape of the buttock, which gives the patient a more youthful and perky appearance.

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Who is a good candidate?

Young to middle aged patient, who is moderately fit, with no medical conditions. There should be an adequate amount of fat to harvest from the abdomen or elsewhere.

What happens during a Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) procedure?

  • Done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.
  • Fat is harvested typically from the abdomen using powered liposuction. At this time, waist shaping is also done to enhance the result.
  • Buttocks are infiltrated with anesthetic fluid.
  • The processed fat is injected into the buttocks, sculpting it into the appropriate places to create the best contour.
  • Typically 600-1500 ml of fat is injected depending upon the need and availability of fat to achieve the desired result.
  • A special dressing is then applied.

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Post procedure recovery

  • Patient is sent home the same day
  • After Brazilian butt augmentation, a dressing is applied that allows discharge for the first 24-48 hours.
  • The dressing is then replaced with a special pressure garment that has a window for the buttocks.
  • Patients are up and about the next day, but need to sleep on their tummy for 3-4 weeks.
  • After 10 days they are allowed to sit in a soft cushion to avoid excessive pressure.
  • Exercise can only be resumed after 6-8 weeks for a favorable outcome.

How do we do buttock augmentation differently?

Our specialty is that we perform the entire procedure (both harvesting and injecting fat) under tumescent local anesthesia. This has several advantages:

  • It improves safety, as we are unable in inject fat into muscle
  • It improves the result as you can stand up during the procedure to compare both sides
  • IT enhances recovery, patient walks out of the operating room

Safety in BBL

BBL is the most rapidly growing cosmetic procedure worldwide. However, of late there have been some deaths from this procedure, particularly in miami. This happened because of overzealous surgeons, who injected too much fat and injected it into the wrong location. There are 2 ways of injecting fat- injecting only into the fat layer of the buttock, or injecting into the fat layer and the muscle layer. Previously it was thought that injecting into the muscle is safe and improves the result

Dr. Aniketh was part of a study in the USA to outline how to stay safe while performing this procedure. He was part of a team in Dallas texas, who performed this procedure in cadavers to determine the cause for risk in this procedure, and it was found that injecting fat into the muscle has dangerous and injecting fat only into subcutaneous tissue was safe. Till now, every single fatality that happened with BBL occurred when fat was injected into the muscle. Injecting into the subcatenous tissue alone is safe. This article has been recenlt published in the prestigious journal ‘plastic and reconstructive surgery:

In addition, our speciality is that we perform BBL under local anesthesia, which improves the safety further

Know Your Surgeon

Dr. Aniketh has trained in buttock fat grafting under Dr. Constantino Mendieta ( the world leader in this technique.

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He has also trained in performing this procedure under local anesthesia with Dr. Spero Theoderou (

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Dr. Aniketh with Dr. Theoderou

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