Blog 1- How to choose a plastic surgeon

Hello Readers

I have been meaning to start writing my blog for quite some time now. Decided that the time had finally come to take the plunge. In my blog I will aim to address topics that are of interest and concern to anyone seeking plastic surgery. This is a wide, confusing world. There are many options and many claims, some true and many fake. Hopefully I can help in making some sense of it all

One of the most common problems faced by patients today is the glut of information available online. As with everything else this is a double edged sword. On one hand it has helped empower patients so they can make informed decisions. On the other hand it has allowed the spread of misinformation and hyperbole, which makes it difficult to sift between what is true and what isnt

How do i choose my plastic surgeon?

Thanks to this, one of the most common questions is’ how do i choose my plastic surgeon’. If you go online, everyone looks great! Everyone has good reviews, good photos and claims to be ‘the best’. The following questions will help you:

Firstly check his/ her qualifications

It is important to make sure your plastic surgeon is in fact A PLASTIC SURGEON. The only degrees of plastic surgery approved by the medical council of India are DNB and MCH in plastic surgery. Beware of the phrase ‘cosmetic surgeon’. There is no degree in cosmetic surgery, and this phrase is used by other specialists to hide their true qualifications. Another this to look for is if your plastic surgeon is a member of national and international plastic surgery societies as these have strict entry rule. Some of these include Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), Indian association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (IAAPS) and International society of aesthetic plastic surgeons (ISAPS).

Secondly, check his/her training in cosmetic surgery

Now that you have established that your plastic surgeon is indeed a plastic surgeon, check if he is trained in cosmetic surgery specifically. Plastic surgery is a vast field with sub specializations including microsurgery, hand surgery, cleft surgery, burn surgery, trauma surgery and cosmetic surgery. If your surgeon has had further training in cosmetic surgery (either nationally or internationally) then you can be more certain of a better outcome

Thirdly, check his/her experience and results

Ask your plastic surgeon to see examples of his/her work. Obviously this depends on his patients agreeing to show their results, but this is another way to evaluate your options.

Finally, meet your plastic surgeon before taking a call

It is important to feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon. Do you have confidence that he/she has your best interests at heart? There is no surgeon who does not have complications. But you should look for a plastic surgeon who will be with you through thick and thin

These are my tips to find the best plastic surgeon in bangalore/ india for your treatment. If you keep these things in mind, you should have a good cosmetic surgery experience